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meetaa360 controls autonome drone services based on AI algorithms and principles of machine learning.

how it works

meetaa medic

in the event of a medical emergency the time taken in receiving medical attention can be crucial. With more and more traffic, a growing population in cities and at the same time a reduction in the number of rescue control centres, the response times to emergencies has increased considerably. meetaa medic shows how effective first aid can be.

meetaa eye

With the increasing demand by many property owners looking for effective security methods , meetaa360 is an AI platform with which allows us to place an additional security net over any object such as a house, property or warehouse. meetaa eye shows how intelligent security architecture works.

meetaa insurance

Every year, adverse weather conditions like storms, hail and heavy rain cause billions of dollars in property damage to houses, household goods, commercial and industrial enterprises. The effort involved in recording and settling claims is challenging and expensive. meetaa insurance shows how effective claims settlement can be.

meetaa delivery

The so called last mile, in which the parcel carrier brings the delivery to the front door, is the most expensive part of shipping parcels, so the delivery drone can help reduce the cost.Logistics and merchandise management by delivery drone will relieve the classic routes of road transport in the future.With local cooperation partners meetaa logistic is able to deliver goods fast and precise to your destination.

meetaa platform

meetaa360 is a platform for the control of autonomous drone services. It is based on AI algorithms and principles of machine learning and deep learning. In addition to the AI platform meetaa360, meetaa installs and operates a network of drone hosts and sensors for cities. meetaa takes care of the maintenance and care of autonomous operational drones for service providers from various industries such as transport, logistics, retail, security, public authorities, culture, sports and healthcare. meetaa guided drones can independently solve complex tasks in a specific application domain despite varying targets and starting situations. Depending on the current task context, they autonomously generate an action plan with which an overall goal specified by the operator of the autonomous system (meetaa360) can be achieved without remote control and without intervention or help from human operators within the framework of legal requirements.

meetaa model

Drones can make our lives easier, better and safer in many ways. Autonomous drones help to solve the many transport and logistics problems in large cities and metropolitan regions. meetaa operates a platform to control flying autonomous systems and develops a standard for each city (smart city) and its service providers to improve the urban quality of life. Our standard ensures maximum security and control. Each service provider can use their own or the meetaa application (app) to offer their own or our drones for services of all kinds via the meetaa infrastructure.

meetaa hardware

meetaa installs and operates a fully automated system for airspace monitoring in cities and metropolitan regions. The radio frequency sensors are directly connected to the meetaa platform and enable precise and safe autonomous flying. In addition, every starting and flying non-autonomous threat is detected and located as soon as the remote control is switched on. This information can be used directly for airspace surveillance.

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